In the UK, small businesses fail at an alarming rate but many can be saved, even when the owners think it may be too late. The bankrupt friendly environment created by the Enterprise Act encourages business failure but with a little effort the jobs, goodwill, market position and years of blood, sweat and tears need not be thrown away. Revival or rescue is almost always preferable to liquidation.

Mercantile will provide a guide through the unfamiliar practicalities, overseeing or providing hands-on management during what may be several months of recuperation. We have the people to help rediscover and then maintain your business success.

No matter how desperate the situation may appear, it is always worth a call to investigate new possibilities and the cost is always going to be less than losing your business.

A practical rescue programme to avoid the constraints and pitfalls of a formal insolvency process – and possibly avoid insolvency completely.

        Value: Not losing your business – what’s that worth?

Cost: £500-1000 per day.


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