The Mercantile Group traditionally provides cost effective corporate support services to SMEs – defined simply as businesses with turnover of £1m – £15m. See below for help for smaller companies.

Mercantile usually assists with one-off corporate change – the purchase or sale of a business; rapid expansion; an MBO or management restructuring – of the type that might not be familiar to most people in their daily business life.

The company has a well-proven model to help ensure that these potentially disruptive changes can be handled as smoothly as possible.  However, we recognise that each client is unique and the challenges presented are dealt with accordingly, with a combination of sensitivity and concise, practical activity. We won’t force you into a pre-packaged solution.

If you have the potential to improve the underlying strength of your business – or just need an injection of new ideas – Mercantile has the experience to help you decide on solutions that suit your circumstances as well as the skills to support you during implementation.

We also support businesses with annual turnover of less than £1m to find new funding up to £150,000.

For larger businesses seeking specific services or new funding up to £250,000 but who do not need a full Appraisal we offer a nominal retainer + day rate payable monthly in arrears or on completion of the project.

Any larger funding requirements usually need Appraisal, but we hope these additional services will benefit businesses with simpler needs.

This means that we can now not only help a wider range of clients but that we can also maintain an on-going relationship with the businesses that we’ve helped to develop as they continue to even greater levels of success. These links will help you to find out how we can help:
• New start
• Expansion
• Business rescue