If you have a credible proposition, Mercantile will be able to help.

imagesYou can’t run a business on dreams alone …. but you can run the business of your dreams – but you’ll only succeed if you pay more attention to commercial realities, than to your heart’s desires ……. read more.

imagesWhen you don’t fit your bank’s expectations …. banks don’t always recognise great opportunities. So when the rigid approach of mainstream finance is limiting your ambitions, it pays to look further afield …… read more.

imagesPersistence pays off …. for a company with a 15-year history of never quite fulfiling the owners’ expectations, the old saying “If at first you don’t succeed…” seemed apt – but never underestimate the strength of ambition ….. read more.

imagesCombining to grow ….  an ambitious group of assorted companies discovered strength and success lay in a unified way forward – and that the whole was far greater than the sum of its parts …. read more.

imagesStarting over: motivated by crisis?  Take a XVI century farmhouse close to a major conurbation and the motorway system, an innovative planning committee, a friendly banker, and a dedicated couple investing their life’s savings ….. read more.

imagesIn Search of an Angel …. when exciting growth and the need to expand were viewed by the bank as dangerous over-trading, an alternative source of funding was urgently needed ….. read more.